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Kannastor Grinder/Jar, Hard Top, 4 Piece, 2.2"

Kannastor Grinder/Jar, Hard Top, 4 Piece, 2.2"

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  • The Kannastör unique jar grinders, with the clear, see-through section, allow you to see inside your grinder and check your status without a single twist!

    • 2.2" 4 piece grinder
    • Hard Top
      • Easy Change Screen
      • Clear jar body allows you to see what you have ground and what's left
      • Properly sized drop through design prevents over shredding
      • Durable aluminum construction


    Multi Chamber Grinders - Kannastör original multi-chamber grinder was created in 2003. Recent updates include new and improved materials, magnets, and a perfectly smooth polished base tray.

    Easy Change Screen- The Kannastör patent pending design allows for easily changing your sifting element to both replace screens that are worn out and to better suit your taste with the option of 2 mesh sizes. Experiment and see what works best for you! All Multi-Chamber Kannastör include a 60 mesh stainless steel screen element. Available in 60 mesh and 100 mesh monofilament. 30 day Warranty is provided on all screens.

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