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  • grow the sales of your accessory products to: dispensaries, head shops, retailers, licensed producers, compassion clinics, delivery services, social networks, and the like.
  • access to existing resellers with a customer-base in the medical and recreational marijuana industry 
  • sell through multiple sales channels compliant to your business rules 
  • outsource the management of your online webstore, or fulfillment of your webstore sales orders 

MJ National is eager to expand our product line with quality products for medical and recreational marijuana consumers.  We are interested to talking with you about distributing your products and offering our technology-based distribution services to you. 

Increase the sales of your products by partnering with MJ National to distribute your products through a technology-based distributor that focuses on growing your product sales, and growing the product sales of resellers in the marijuana industry, may they be: dispensaries, compassion clinics, licensed producers, social networks, delivery services, retailers and the like.  

MJ National offers a differentiated distribution service to our customers as we offer our reseller customers branded webstores selling accessory products to complement their primary business of selling medical and recreational marijuana directly to their customers.  Our technology infrastructure allows our reseller customers to outsource the management of product sales through multiple sales channels, in addition to their brick and mortar store: 

  • online webstore 
  • online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Overstock, and others 
  • telephone sales 

We understand that some vendors do not want their products sold on online marketplaces, and MJ National will always strictly adhere to those rules for any webstores we are operating on behalf of our reseller customers. 

MJ National's technology infrastucture allows us to create branded webstores for resellers and vendors, and integrate them with any products from our product catalogue and supply chain, which means that we streamline and outsource the sales of products to end-user consumers.  Alternatively, if you have an existing webstore and want to continue to manage the webstore but wish to cease managing the product fulfillment to consumers, we can integrate your branded webstore with our inventory management system, and we can warehouse your products and do the product fulfillment for you on a national basis in the USA and Canada. 

To discuss how we can do business together, please contact