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White Rhino DV2 Vaporizer Kit
White Rhino

White Rhino DV2 Vaporizer Kit

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  • The DV2 vaporizer is a waxy oil and dry herb vaporizer that not only looks amazing but vapes to please. It's always great to have one vaporizer that can be used for both dry herb and waxy oil.  The DV2 vaporizer kit includes 2 cartridges for your dry herb and/or your waxy oils. 

    Tip: Use each cartridge for one type of material or another and keep using that same cartridge for the same material.  Your dry herb cartridge continues to be used for dry herbs, and your waxy oils cartridge continues to be used for waxy oils for optimal performance.  If you use one cartridge for waxy oils and then use it for dry herbs, it won't be as effective since the waxy oils makes for a sticky cartridge unless you do a good job cleaning.  If you use one cartridge for dry herb, you can always switch to waxy oils, but you will not be able to effectively switch back to dry herb in the same cartridge without a really good cleaning due to the stickiness of waxy oils.  It is best to continue using each cartridge for one material or another, or once you start using waxy oils, then that cartridge is best to continue to be used for waxy oils.

    Kit Includes:
    1 x 350mAh Battery
    2 x Dry Herb / Concentrate Chambers
    1 x USB Wall Adapter
    1 x USB cordless Charger
    1 x Dab / Stir Tool
    1 x Tweezers
    1 x Cleaning Brush


  • Starter kit includes:
    1 - DV2 Battery
    2 - Herb/Waxy Oil Cartridges
    1 - Protective Heat Cover
    1 - Wall Charger
    1 - Cleaning Brush
    1 - Tweezer
    1 - USB Cable
    1 - User Manual
    1 - Tin Travel Case

  • 3 Months White Rhino Warranty
    Warranty Service - 1-855-803-8883 or
    White Rhinos overall objective is to provide not only the best  in high quality products on the market but also is committed 100% to providing assistance to any questions or possible concerns their customers may encounter. The customer service team is available - Monday-Friday 10:00 AM- 6:00 PM (Mountain Standard Time).

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