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Triton T2 Scale
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Triton T2 Scale

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  • The Triton T2 has a capacity of 400 grams. The scale reads in 0.01g increments.

    The protective hinged cover doubles as an expansion tray. Large easy to read LCD display, and three soft rubber keys combined with the unique hinged yet removable cover make this scale a true winner. The case is ribbed to prevent the scale from slipping out of your hands during use.

    Batteries are included.

    Mode: Capacity: Resolution:
    Grams 400.0 g 0.01 g
    Ounces 14.108 oz 0.001 oz
    Troy Ounces 12.86 ozt 0.001 ozt
    Pennyweights 257.2.7dwt 0.01 dwt


    Lifetime / 30 year best-in-industry warranty.

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